The Two Team Race for Cole

The story of the offseason… where is Gerrit Cole going to go? Some sources say he wants to win, some say he cares about geography, others say he’s only in it for the money, I’m saying he’s either ending up in pinstripes or he’s putting a halo on over his hat. Today was the first day of baseball’s annual Winter Meeting’s where deals seem to form faster than a disease in a third world country. More importantly today we found out Coles price tag was going to be way higher than expected, thanks in part to Strasburg securing a 7 year 245 million dollar deal. This has caused Coles asking price to be northwards of 300 million, with a ceiling of about 350 million. This number has proven to be too high for the Dodgers who seems more focused on Mr. Rendon. That leaves the Angels who are desperate to find Mike Trout his Robin, and the Yankees who are one pitcher away from a near pencil in, to next years World Series. Below is the case for each team.

Los Angeles Angels

To the surprise of many the Angels have out dueled the Dodgers as the favorite LA team to sign Cole. After another lackluster year wasting Trout, Angels Execs have announced publicly how they are going all out to spend this offseason. They came up with this never before seen plan to pair the best hitter in the game with arguably the best pitcher and here they are. All kidding aside they have a few pros going for them, one being location and two they have money which is ultimately what this will come down to. To secure him from the Yankees the Halo’s will need to go to unseen measures, maybe in the ballpark of 9 years 333 million.

The New York Yankees

Cashman said they would be a player this offseason, and he hasn’t lied. The Yankees seem adamant in every interview/press conference that Cole will be in pinstripes and that there is no price they can’t match. The Yanks walked into the offseason with one major weakness, they needed an ace. With Strasburg off the market it is even more essential now that NY walks away with Cole, otherwise they will need to look via trade for a top of the line arm. As long as prices don’t reach as high as 350, I think the Yankees will stand the test of other teams and walk away from this offseason with Gerrit.

It pains me to say this but I think Cole will end up in pinstripes within the next 2 days.

Published by Fran Cava



  1. No pain no gain….your suffering is our elation. I’m not crazy about the years and it’s not my money, aside from not affording a ticket to a game for the next 10years I would nevertheless like to see my Yankees ascend to the promised land again.


  2. UPDATE BREAKING NEWS. YANKEES LAND COLE!!!!! The yanks broke the bank to get their biggest missing peice. Now a rotation that was mediocre is probably the best in baseball and with that bullpen!! Wow!! Is it spring yet? Lol

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    1. It was a huge signing but don’t let it swell ur head. The Nats still have the best rotation in baseball, that being said the Yankees are the favorites now to win it all.


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