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  • How The Astros Cheating Scandal Leaves The MLB in Shambles

    21 Jan 2020 by

    It has been a loud drama filled offseason, and surprisingly I’m not talking about the NBA. At the start of the offseason the MLB started an investigation within the Astros organization to find out whether or not the cheating allegations were true. Three months later here we are, seeing the repercussions of said investigation come… Read more

  • Top Ten Albums Of The 2010’s

    30 Dec 2019 by

    Now that we have entered the limbo stage, (the time after Christmas but before NYE), it seems fitting to release our top ten albums of the 2010s to rejoice on the fantastic music these years have given us. In the 2010s we witnessed the rise of some of the best artist to ever grace a… Read more

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