Marriage Story – Netflix Movie Review

The first thought to run through my mind while watching the film was how much will Noah Baumbach try to make this feel like Kramer Vs. Kramer. Although I think that it pales in comparison to the 1979 divorce classic, this film does a lot right. Adam Driver plays an egotistical douche that’s life is tied to New York, but he love’s his son and fights for custody. Scarlett Johansson plays a woman overshadowed by her husbands success, and up until the end of her marriage felt that her husband treated her like a ghost. There will be spoilers ahead so read with caution. The story truly shows how ugly a divorce case can get, considering both individuals started out saying they wanted a clean split with no lawyers, to the outcome which had two cut throat lawyers manning both their parties. Both the husband and wife were cordial to start, but with every meeting their relationship grew thinner all leading up to what was a verbally grueling fight scene, all representing the evils of which divorce brings out in us. It’s not all filled with anger and melancholy though, as their is a boatload of comic relief throughout wether it’s the visitation lady or the parrot guy in the meeting, ya laugh a bit throughout. Is it going to win any awards? Nah but it’s a solid movie to watch with your significant other so she’s scared shitless to go through a divorce. Oh and that Kylo Ren guy is in it.

Around a 7/10

Published by Fran Cava



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