LA Angels Next Steps After Getting Rendon

It has been a crazy two days for baseball, thanks to Gerrit Cole and now Mr. Anthony Rendon. Just a day after Cole signed with the Yankees around 10:30 tonight, the Angels inked a 7 year 245 million dollar deal with the star third baseman. With now a core of Rendon, Trout, and Ohtani the Halo’s have a deadly front of the lineup for the next 5 years plus, with a potential ace depending on how Ohtani plays. Anyways after the big signing was announced more news came from the Angels camp that proved they were not messing around this offseason, as they are still very much players in the pitchers market. Apparently they are still in talks with guys like Bum and Ryu, but also may look to acquire pitching via trade. With now one of the most potent offenses in the league, they must get pitching to balance their team. Here are some potential people they should pursue, in order to take the next step this offseason.

Madison Bumgarner

I would say Bum is probably the best pitcher available via free agency, sorry Ryu fans. Bum though is a postseason legend, but to be fair hasn’t had a great year since 2016 due to injuries. He was healthy this year tho and posted a 3.9 ERA with 200 punch outs so the guy obviously still has game, it’s a matter of staying healthy. I think the Angels can use a hardened vet though who can hopefully help turn around the horrendous staff they have. His price may need to come down for them but I can see a deal like 4 years 90 million as a possibility.

Hyun- Jin Ryu

Dating back to 2018 Ryu has been phenomenal. He’s a contact pitcher who is finding major success in the “juice ball” era, and he hasn’t really been talked about this offseason. He’s 32 but he has Scott Boras as his agent so he may be able to still get a 4-5 year deal. Think around the same AAV as Mad Bum, he would be a very nice piece for the Angels to add. I think for now he can be there ace but they still need to acquire more pitching.

Jon Gray

When you put up under a 4 ERA as a Rockies pitcher in this day and age, you are seen as valuable. Colorado has bwen chatting an awful lot about selling and this may be a chance for the Angels to secure a young ace. At just 28 maybe a change of location can really do wonders for his game, and he develops into the star many thought he would. I think they should take a chance on him. To get him they would need to package Brandon Marsh(#2 prospect in their organization),David Fletcher, and another prospect maybe.

Corey Kluber

The Indians are finally coming to their senses, as today they announce Kluber was being put int serious trade talks. He missed almost the entirety of the 2019 season and is going to turn 34 next season. With 2 years left on his deal including a team option in the 2nd, he’s a relatively cheap option for the Angels to acquire. They would probably need to deal a solid young guy like Rengifo and their second best prospect Brandon Marsh, but I think it’s worth it. A healthy Kluber is a lock for 200 strikeouts, 200 innings, and is the guy you want on the mound for important games.

Published by Fran Cava


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