The Golden State Warriors Master Plan for 2020

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (30) shares a laugh with teammate Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson (11) during the fourth quarter of their NBA game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif. on Sunday, March 31, 2019. The Golden State Warriors defeated the Charlotte Hornets 137-90. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

The Warriors are 2-12, currently sitting at last place in the West claiming the title as the worst team in the NBA throughout the first month of the basketball. Things are not looking good in the bay area after an interesting off season in which they lost their best player, their best bench player, and gained a young star in D’ Angelo Russell which many presumed they would eventually flip. Prior to the start of the season Klay was expected to miss the majority of it, if not the entirety of it but the Warriors were still expected to be a mid-west playoff team. Then the season rolled around and the injury bug(maybe as payback to the organization on how they handled Kevin and Dre) has struck the team. Steph has gone down with an injury that will keep him out almost the entire year, and D’ Angelo just hurt his thumb which will sideline him for the month. This leaves them with an extremely depleted roster that has resorted to playing through Draymond at point, which he has clearly showed is not sustainable.

Now although Ownership and GM Bob Myers could not have imagined their near dynasty imploding one year after losing in the finals, are they really that mad? As much as NBA fans hate to think of the Warriors returning to their dominant form, it seems likely their epic return to form will be next season. Many would say yeah obviously they will be better. They will have a healthy Klay and Curry as their starting backcourt once again with Draymond who plays better in a sidekick role to the duo, as their “big 3”. But theres more, Bob Myers and his fellows have a plan. The Warriors with all their injuries have a G-League type roster out there every night, which by the end of the season depending on the lottery of course will probably net them a top 5 pick or better. Ownership has been under-fire since the rumors that they rushed KD back, so expect them to be much more cautious with their beloved splash brothers who will 99% miss the entire year. On top of that they still have D’ Angelo Russell who really just doesn’t fit when Klay returns, so the obvious move would be to trade him. Given his age and continuous improvement he has showed he contains a ton of value, which could get the Warriors the legitimate small forward or center that they will need to be a successful team next year. As for the pick they can also trade that, or they can take a flier on a top player from the 2020 draft, and try to integrate him into their great system. This could be the making of a very dangerous team, especially if they also add some depth to their bench in free agency because right now its god awful. The question now is who do they flip DLO for come this years deadline, and who they will take with their top pick. Mark my words the Golden State Warriors will be back next year.

Published by Fran Cava


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  1. The Golden glitter has liitle sparkle.
    But Durant was Not their best player, he was the best possible version of who he could be because of what the rest of the team afforded him the luxury to be.

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