The Next Steps For The White Sox

Finally a team has done something. So far the start of free agency has been as boring as most of the Netflix original movies that feature a C grade cast, but today we finally got a major position player to sign. This afternoon the best catcher on the open market Yasmani Grandal inked a four year deal worth 73 million with the Chicago White Sox. Although some thought that the White Sox would once again be aggressive trying to acquire big time players this winter, no reports tied them to Grandal’s name. It was a pleasant surprise to see him sign there, but simultaneously left many teams who have a void at catcher with a sour taste in their mouths. Now the next best catcher available is Robinson Chirinos, who could see his value drop with the cheating allegations going on right now. Props to the White Sox for acting with haste, and getting a guy who can be implemented with their young core nicely. After the signing, a mock lineup was created for their 2020 season and it shows real improvement which is what they are striving for.

With still a top ten farm system in all of baseball this is only the beginning of the White Sox come up. Now I’m not saying their going to win the division just because of one signing, but the offseason is young and they still have money to spend. Another alarming problem for the Chi Sox is their rotation. One bright side this year was the emergence of Lucas Giolito who seems poised to be either an ace or a very solid #2 for them for years to come, but other than that the rotation is filled with guys who have no business being on a major league club to put it lightly. If the Sox want to show they mean business they have to bolster the rotation and get one of the big three arms(Cole, Strasburg, or Wheeler). I’m going to start off by saying I originally said they would be players for Cole in another article, but unless they are willing to give him upwards of 300 million its a long shot. The other two guys though are definitely possibilities for the young squad to acquire.

Stephen Strasburg

The second best starter available via free agency would be the recent World Series MVP, who’s deal could be in the 6-7 year range that falls in the 200 million dollar ballpark range. Stras had one of the most consistent seasons of his decade long career this year, finishing in the top 5 of the Cy Young voting. He just won a championship so I don’t think he’ll search for another win now club, otherwise he would just resign in Washington. If he comes to the Sox however he can get a lucrative deal that Boras is seeking for his client, and he would be given the keys to ace of the rotation upon arrival. Chicago will give him the best of both worlds, and he would be an excellent veteran to the young arms like Kopech who should see time in the majors next season. With a big enough offer around the 7/210 mark, they can get this deal done.


A more realistic deal for the organization would be for them to pry Zack away from the clueless Metropolitans, which would be a great one two punch with Giolito. Zack’s price tag is nowhere near Cole or Stras which makes it even better for the Sox as they can add another piece with the remaining money they would have had to use to get the latter two. Reports have already surfaced tying Zack’s name to the Sox so maybe there is already traction on a deal. A rough first half inflated his ERA, but in the second half when the Mets made a push for the wild card Zach played his best baseball posting a 2.83 ERA post all star break. He is by no means an ace but for this team he would be a major improvement over their current situation, and could be the first step in fixing their disheveled rotation. Zack showed this year down the line he was the Wheel deal and it would behoove the Sox to offer him 4 years 84 million, or maybe even throw a fifth to secure him for sure.

Things are looking good in the Windy City, besides the crime rate of course.

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  1. Apparently the white sox are going to go on a no hold barred money spree so getting one of the top two pitchers available is not out of the realm of possibility. I’m hoping that wheeler hangs around as a free agent long enough for a value the mets can handle . This is what mets fans lare resorting too. Ahhh!! Lol.


    1. Wheelers stock has definitely rose since teams are realizing the old model of having a great rotation helps in the playoffs, so the Mets are going to have to decide quickly on signing him. Hopefully they are smart and bring him back.


  2. Wheeler to the Yanks and in the ranks of a rotation of number two’s and lock down relief pitching sounds better than where the wind blows bullets around more then winning games. A 20 minute car ride from Queens to the Bronx makes this a no brainer. Ink him Cashman, small dollars and a little tweak to the Mets.

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