The Mets Are Wasting A Hall Of Fame Arm

The Mets are like a broken clock, once in a blue moon they get something right. Somehow they managed to snag deGrom in the 9th round of the 2010 draft. He was a late bloomer entering the league at nearly 26, but since then he has given the Metropolitans nothing but complete dominance. Not only did he win rookie of the year but he has finished in the top 10 of the Cy Young voting four out of his six major league seasons, winning the award twice. Since the man has cut his hair he has transformed from a great pitcher to arguably the best pitcher in all of baseball. For our basketball fans he is very “Kawhi-like” when he steps on the field. Every pitch done with elite precision, whether its a high heater that can hit 100mph to a filthy slider that can break from one end of the box to the other, right before the batters eye. Over the past two seasons Jacob has made 64 starts, posting an absurd 2.07 ERA over that span. Many would assume he has over forty wins or high 30s at the very least. He has 21. Thats not a typo by the way, he has only 21 wins over the past two years combined. Whenever Jake steps on the mound its like the Mets hitters just give up for the day. They score for every pitcher besides their ace, the quiet leader needs them to just score three or four runs and that can’t even be done. God forbid they actually score that the bullpen would probably then blow the game, because thats just Jakes luck. It was a miracle he resigned considering how much he values winning, and many doubted he would ever have success like his historic season again. Although he didn’t post a sub 2, Jacob was flawless this year once again leading the league in strikeouts with a sub 2.5, good enough to take the hardware home again. I truly believe he loves New York, partially because the fans treat him as a savior and well because they haven’t really given him a reason to stay. This may be looking slightly down the line but he can opt out of his deal after the 2022 season, and honestly if the Mets don’t turn things around by then he could be out the door. Already with only 20 million(holy expletive) to spend this offseason its going to be tough to make any major upgrades, therefore hopefully other guys can step up. Jake owes nothing more to the team or the city, it is now the Mets turn to provide run support for him and get the man some wins. After all he’s going to represent the team when he enters the Hall at the end of his career.

Published by Fran Cava



  1. I totally agree and will add this- not only has Jacob been a rock of stability and excellence but has also disregarded the hype and logos ie “The Dark Night” and “Thor” cut his hair and has been his own man! I was praying like a man praying for rain during a drought- salivating at the thought the Mets would not extend him and open the door just a crack enough for the Yankees to step in and steal a better version of Tom Sever. Yes I said it, better than, take into account; smaller ballparks, lingering steroid users (don’t doubt it), AstroTurf, juiced baseballs and not to mention a team with No support whether it be hitting or relief pitching. Jacob Anthony DeGrom, first ballet Hall Of Famer!

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  2. Nice article and glad your back . Just found out you are on here I followed you when you were at staples sports. Anyway, Jake has singlehandidly made wins for a pitcher obsolete as a pitchers win total is not as important as it once was. As boneheaed as the mets are they made a great decision in signing Jake before he hit free agency. They got him for a bargain compared to what he would have commanded on the market.

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    1. I agree it was a great deal, and if he were to of hit the open market he would have garnered a much larger contract


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