Chixtape 5 – Album Review

Although i am far from a Tory Lanez fan, with every drop of a new project i try to go into it as open minded as i have enjoyed songs from Tory before. With that being said, I have been let down before by his work, and that is a similar theme here with Chixtape 5. To start, Mr Lanez is not nearly interesting enough for his project to contain a tracklist as long as 18 songs. Much of this album is filler, and many of the features don’t bring anything interesting enough to make these songs memorable. I genuinely didn’t love a single track from this album, and the only song i found to be tolerable was “Jerry Sprunger” featuring T-Pain but only due because they recycled one of T-Pains biggest hits in “Im Sprung.” At this point i feel Tory isn’t capable of producing an album about anything other than girls and sex.

Score : 4/10

Published by : Joe Pozz


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