Fransisco Lindor Will Be Out Of Cleveland Soon

Fransisco Lindor is one of three major superstars on the hot stove, and he may be the one to require the biggest return. Just turning 26 today and still with 2 years of team control remaining, Lindor is one of the best young players in the game. His game is truly jaw dropping as he bats switch, has an incredible glove with ridiculous range, plays an extremely prime position being shortstop and has been a model of consistency the past three seasons for the tribe. Just take a look at his numbers.

These are his top 3 seasons, 2018 definitely being his best but just look at how reliable of a bat he is. He plays near full seasons with 40+ doubles, 30+ dingers, scores 100+ runs and slugs over .500. Many would look at his stats and say wow Cleveland is crazy, and well they are. They have pretty much said when free agency rolls around in 2022 that they will not be paying Lindor, and I mean sometimes 300+ million dollars is not in a teams budget so I understand why they want to trade him. It boggles my mind though how they are going about blowing this team up, trading one star at a time. They nearly made the playoffs last year despite trading one of their top starters Trevor Bauer at the deadline, which you would think would qualify them as sellers. Your wrong though, because they then traded for Puig which would make them qualify as completely lost. They are entering the no mans land stage, so I think its time to hit the reset. They should definitely deal guys like Kluber, but for now they should focus on getting a humungous haul for Lindor this offseason. Here are several teams that should form a package for him.

The Atlanta Braves

The Braves are a few moves away from truly becoming a powerhouse in the NL. They just signed Will Smith to be their shut down man, and although their biggest hole is starting pitching they can create one of the best infields in baseball by acquiring franny. Similar to my Kris Bryant scenario they would have to almost definitely deal Dansby Swanson, Christian Pache(#11 prospect in baseball), Kyle Wright(#35 prospect in baseball). It seems like a lot but Lindor is a huge upgrade over Dansby, and I think dealing prospects in this situation is the right move.

The Los Angeles Dodgers

They were the first team linked to Lindor when the rumors of him being traded arose, and they remain a favorite to land him. At this point its time for them to trade some prospects and acquire star talent to get them over the hump. They can move Seager to second and Muncy to first to make this work, and god damn thats a scary infield. To get him though they will definitely need to give up Alex Verdugo/ Joc Pederson, Will Smith, and the ginger reincarnation of Syndergaard named Dustin May(#32 prospect in baseball). This trade is identical to my Kris Bryant one because I feel this is the best package LA can make.

The New York Yankees

The Yankees don’t have many holes in their lineup, but with Didi likley walking shortstop is vacant and what better solution for the Bombers than to get the best in the league. Fans are dying for a big acquisition this offseason, and its time for Cashman to quit prospect hugging and make a blockbuster move. To get this done they will have to part ways with Miguel Andujar, Clint Fraizer will return to the land, and Deivi Garcia. They may even need to add another smaller prospect since Garcia lost a little value this season. A lineup with DJ and Lindor at the top though will have opposing pitchers stay up at night.

Sorry Cleveland, hopefully you guys get the value you deserve for him. At least the city is nice right?

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  1. I like this writer, alot of emotion bleeds through. I agree on the yankee haul. A handful of ready made starting roster players albeit a bit defense lacking plus two top prospects might do the trick.

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