MLB Offseason: Best Free Agent at Each Position

As of November 4th Free Agency has begun, but the madness won’t really start for at least a week or so. Last year we had to wait towards the end of the offseason for the big dogs to sign their mega contracts. This year it seems their are many teams eager to improve, and for that to happen money needs to be spent. This free agency class can probably be deemed pitcher heavy, but at the same time there are several big bats available for the taking. Without further to do lets dive into the top free agent at each position…

Catcher: Yasmani Grandal

Last year Yasmani bet on himself by signing a 1 year deal worth 16 million, hoping to have a career year to secure a big deal the next season. He did just that and was arguably the best catcher in the league having nearly 30 bombs, an .850 OPS, and was by far the most reliant at the position playing 152 games with over 600 at bats. Grandal is going to get PAID.

First Base: Jose Abreu

To be honest this is a pretty weak position in this free agent class, but nonetheless Jose Abreu has been a consistent good bat for his entire career. The guy is a lock for nearly 30 bombs and hundred runs batted in a year, but the only thing hurting his value is his putrid defense. I can see him transforming into a DH, giving me a lot of Edwin Encarnacion vibes.

Second Base: Mike Moustakas

Moose split time playing the majority at third base, but as a second baseman played better defense and therefore teams maybe be looking at him more at this position. If he does claim this position it’ll probably better his value as he had 35 bombs with an .845 OPS, and struck out less than 100 times.

Shortstop: Didi Gregorius

Another thin position in this class would be shortstop, with the best available being Didi who is coming off of an injury riddled season that saw him have less than 350 at bats. In his short time he struggled to get a rhythm because another injury would occur, yet he still managed to show he can still be around a 20 bomb guy. I expect him to have a bounce-back year, not having the short right field may hurt his numbers though.

Third Base: Anthony Rendon

One of the most obvious picks. 2019 MVP Candidate and just an absolute monster tear in the Nationals World Series run. Rendon is going to get over 200 million dollars easily and is worth every penny.

Left Field: Marcell Ozuna

The left field class is stacked with many older outfielders, which allows Ozuna to shine despite not having the best comeback season one can ask for. His batting average dropped nearly forty points, but his OPS rose due to his power resurge hitting nearly 30, with 89 runs driven in. Ozuna at only 28 should get a fairly nice deal worth probably near $20 million per season.

Center Field: Shogo Akiyama/Cameron Maybin

This is probable thee most thin position this year. The only two options I can see teams being interested in would be Japanese league outfielder Shogo Akiyama, who has put up three consecutive seasons of 20 homers and has had an OPS of over .900 three out of five years in the league; or Yankees rotation outfeilder Cameron Maybin. Maybin in his limited time being promoted and demoted several times, managed to be very effective in his major league stints having an .850 OPS.

Right Field: Nicholas Castellanos

As I typed his name Nicholas has just hit another double. A whopping 58 doubles, 27 homers and single handedly almost led the Cubs to the postseason, the italian boy is the top free agent right fielder. Expect him to get a very nice deal considering hes only 27 years old.

Designated Hitter: Avisail Garcia

Tampa was a great squad this year, built with bunch of above average guys doing their parts. One main component was Garcia who played some right field, but mainly he will be a very serviceable DH. At only 28 there is a chance he resigns in Tampa on a small deal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if another AL team swoops in to get his very solid bat.

Starting Pitcher: Gerrit Cole

No explanation needed. More than likely the AL Cy Young, and just flat out dominant. Cole is going to get the most money in the class.

Reliever: Will Harris

The Astros had a great pen this year, and the most impressive was Will Harris. Appearing in 68 games and only allowing a total of 10 earned runs, Will can very well become the best reliever on almost any major league club. He very well can resign, but if he’s offered a closing job elsewhere maybe he will walk.

Closer: Will Smith

Nearly dealt at the deadline, Will Smith remained in the bay and managed to have 34 saves on a non playoff team. Adding to that he nearly had 100 punch-outs with a 2.7 ERA; a contender can put Will to very good use.

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    1. Nice breakdown totally agree with all choices except didi because I really dont want to see the yanks lose him. Great lefty bat and good clubhouse presence. Hopefully if they dont pick him up they spend the money they save on a premium pitcher. Btw love tour articles that are music related also. Great range! Keep it up very informative.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Didi is a great clubhouse guy and a solid lefty bat especially in the little league ballpark Yankee stadium is, but it seems the bombers are in the market to spend big this offseason(ie Cole or Strasburg) so they will let him go to ensure they have every penny available for a top arm.


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