The King – Netflix Movie Review

At the end of this past summer the internet was hit with an extremely enticing trailer for an upcoming movie named The King. It is now 2 months since then, and on November 1st the movie was finally released strictly on Netflix streaming services. The film can be categorized under the historical fiction genre, and is predominately made of several of Shakespeare’s plays mashed together. The reason the film caught my attention was one, the trailer was fucking epic, and secondly prior to it’s release many speculated that it was going to be an Oscar worthy film. After watching it however I wish I could have gotten more from it. In no way am I’m saying it was bad, but I just feel it could have been better. To summarize it quickly the movie follows Hal the Price of Wales, as he goes from an immature teen to then getting thrown into the position of King of England following his fathers unexpected death. He then from this position hopes to change England’s ways, to a more peaceful ruling in order to unite the people of England. After being taunted by the French however, who were his fathers biggest foe, he decides to take them under siege. Eventually after a very long buildup the battle occurs, which results in a surrender from France in exchange that Hal marries the King’s daughter. It is here where a major twist occurs that quite frankly is to good to spoil, ya just have to watch it yourselves. Honestly the movie did a lot of things right. Timothèe Chalamet was pretty great in his depiction of Hal, and delivered some marvelous scenes as his character developed from teen to King. The cinematography was very Game Of Thrones– esque. lastly to reiterate what I said before the twist was phenomenal, as it truly was a great ending. The knocks I have on the film are one it is pretty slow paced, which I don’t really mind as we get to see the character develop, but nonetheless it did take a while to get to the climax. Secondly Robert Pattinson should never try to play a frenchman again, just an absolutely horrendous accent. My verdict is to definitely see the film, but I wouldn’t put it into Oscar discussion unless were talking best hair.

Score – 7/10

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