Earl Sweatshirt – Feet Of Clay – EP Review

It was a regular day on the twittersphere when unexpectedly Earl Sweatshirt announced he had a new project releasing at 9pm western standard time(so unnecessary). The cover depicts a goat in an ominous dark terrain setting fans up for what would be a very twisted yet personal album from Earl. On the project Earl dives into the struggles of losing his father, grandmother and girlfriend which caused him to start relying on alcohol more prominently. Some Rap Songs was dark but this project takes that to a new level. On each track Earl in a way contradicts his own mindset of struggles by throwing in a line or two of how he’s learned to deal with them. The production is moody with a sort of draining aura on most tracks, except the song “East” which features a loud looping accordion that is extremely captivating. The only knocks I have are one, its only 15 minutes long with an outro song that spans five minutes, and secondly it is very similar to Some Rap Songs. It makes sense that they sound similar though as Earl said that he recorded some of this during the same time as he was making SRS. For the most part though the project features fantastic lyricism from Earl himself, and the few features that he had. There is a lot to digest here even though its only fifteen minutes, and I’m sure people will be finding new references and meanings for months to come.

Score: high 7

Favorite Track: “East”

Published by Fran


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