Scott Boras is Going to Get Gerrit Cole Paid

The number one question asked during Game 7 of the World Series was when is Gerrit Cole coming in. The star pitcher was expected to make a relief appearance if needed, and to say the least he was needed. Zach Grienke was cruising last night, but after a homerun and a walk A.J. Hinch decided to pull him after only 80 pitches. Everyone expected Cole to then come in, but it never happened. Cole sat in the bullpen visually frustrated as his heavily favored team lost in heartbreaking fashion. That frustration has clearly rolled over into today, as Cole was interviewed wearing a Scott Boras company hat. He even went on to say:

“Im not employed by the team” and “It was a pleasure to play in Houston”

Nearly every Astro’s fan knew Cole would leave after this season, but it seems his departure is now tainted with bitterness. I mean can you blame the guy for being mad, he’s arguably the most dominant pitcher in the league and wasn’t given the ball in the biggest game of his career. Im sure his frustration will go away soon though, when mega agent Scott Boras reels in a record breaking contract for him. Currently the record contract for a starting pitcher was David Price in 2015 by the Red Sox, when they gave him an outrageous 7 year 217 million dollar deal. In hindsight the contract looks horrendous which yeah it probably is, but Price was coming off near Cy Young campaign and was only 29. Cole similarly had a Cy Young year this season(he better win), and is only 28 setting him up to get a never before seen deal for a starter. I would not be surprised if he winds up getting a 7 year 240 million dollar contract, as many teams are desperate for a true ace and well he’s undoubtably a top 3 pitcher in the league. Some teams that will definitely be making a push…

New York Yankees

The Yankees need an ace. Starting pitching shined this year in the postseason, and that has caused fans to cry out to their GM to make a big splash this offseason to get past the Astros. Will Cashman be willing to break the bank though is the question.

Los Angeles Dodgers

LA will definitely be in play for a major free agent this season, and it is said Cole may be looking to go out West. With Kershaw’s clear postseason struggles again and an already deep lineup, the Dodgers may look to add an ace in order to fortify their rotation.

Los Angeles Angels

The Angels were unfairly given Mike Trout. To this point they made the postseason one time in his so far legendary career, and have him locked up for another 12 years. On the bright side they made a great move getting Joe Maddon(and Mickey Callaway I guess), and clearly they need starting pitching. It’s time to get Trout some help, and it looks like they are ready to spend.

San Diego Padres

Like I said in my article on Mookie Betts, Padres GM A.J. Preller was pissed about his teams season and is prepared to spend the big bucks. Another team on the west coast with dire need of an ace, and may be willing to over pay could make them a dark horse.

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    1. I mean in the sense that they are wasting his career not surrounding him with talent. It was just a little joke with some truth around it.


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