Steph Curry’s Injury Adds to Warriors Woes

In the latest published recap of the NBA, I wrote the obvious. The Warriors were at the bottom of the leaderboard, stinking up the West. Well, after a brutal beatdown from the Phoenix Suns (yes, the Suns), it’s clear to see the 2018 Champions aren’t going to be the powerhouse they once were. Through the first 4 games, D’Angelo Russell, per 30 minutes of playing time, is averaging 16 points, 6 assists a game and is shooting 39%. Not bad numbers for him and the amount of time he’s playing, but he needs to keep steady while picking up the pace to compete with last year’s stats with the Nets. Although this year is starting off as a rough one for the Warriors, I’m sure Steph Curry could hel- annnnnnd there goes the Warriors season. Last night, Curry went up for a left-sided layup against big man Aaron Baynes, with help from Kelly Oubre. Baynes stood his ground for a charge, while Oubre came in for a chasedown block. After one big collision, big-boy Baynes landed on Curry’s left hand, resulting in Curry’s hand, as well as the Warriors playoff chances, being crushed. Curry broke his left hand, and there is no timetable for his return as of now. This obviously being one of many great losses the Warriors suffered in the past year – Klay tearing his ACL, the “L” Kawhi handed the franchise, KD’s torn achilles and his abandonment to the Warriors family – might be their toughest challenge yet. Leaving D-Lo on his own with Draymond Green and a bunch of scrubs might be the least entertaining thing to watch; and that includes the Wizard’s games.

Published by Mike Effe


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