Yanks’ Boot Rothschild

Larry Rothschild has been the face of Yankees pitching staff since 2011, but as of today the team seems to be moving in a new direction. The Yanks produced a 4.31 ERA this season, which at this point is unacceptable from a team that wants to get over the hump that is the Houston Astros. To be fair, the team fought through many injuries that also affected the rotation starting at the top with Severino, but in the places where they were healthy they still counldnt produce. Pitcher James Paxton, posted a first inning ERA of over 11, allowing over 27 runs in the first frame, a league worst. It was pitching like this that I feel the front office felt change was needed. Where do the Yankees go from here? With a sub-par pitching rotation the only real direction as of now is to continue to develop players like Severino and German with help from a new face in the pitching staff. Brent Strom of the Houston Astros is currently on the final year of his contract, and the Yankees would be absolutely foolish to not look this guys way come the offseason. Pairing a good coach with hopefully a large free agent signing may be what the Yankees need to start competing with the best rotations in baseball.

Published by : JoeP

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