Kirby Yates Snubbed By Notable Racist in Reliever Award

Prior to Game 4 of the World Series a ceremony was held in honor to hand out the award to the Reliever of the Year in each league respectively. The AL handed out the Mariano Rivera award to none other than the high heat domestic abuser himself Aroldis Chapman. The NL on the other hand gave out the Trevor Hoffman award to long time clan member being the standout lefty Josh Hader. The MLB sure does know how to pick em’. Nonetheless the bigger crime at stake here was how Hader won the award over Kirby Yates. Kirby Yates did not only have a great 2019, he had an historic season unfortunately unrecognized due to how poor the Padres played as a whole. He led the league in saves with 41 and posted an astronomical 1.12 ERA over sixty innings of work. Josh meanwhile had an ERA a point and a half higher and even more crazy, gave up more homeruns(15) than Yates gave up runs(14) for the entire season. The only thing Hader had an advantage over him in was strikeouts, and he had a slightly better WHIP. Now don’t get me wrong those things are important and should definitely be taken into account but the guy had a 1.12 while saving the most games in the league. Yates this year was simply unprecedented, and the only logical reasoning to giving it to Hader was because he was a member of a playoff team. If I was the Padres I would somehow fight this outrage, maybe by sharing a tweet or two.

Brutal stuff.

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