Mookie Betts is Moving Out of Beantown

The inevitable is finally setting in throughout the state of Massachusetts. Mookie Betts will more likely than not be on another club for the 2020 season. Over the past few seasons Mookie has evolved into one of the most complete players in all of baseball, proving that by winning the 2018 MVP as the leader of a 108 win championship team. He is a 5 tool player that has earned the right to get a huge pay day come free agency next year. Every time the media asks him about his future in Boston he sort of shrugs away from answering, or says something along the lines of if they are willing to give me an exorbitant amount of money. You would think a player of this caliber would make the Red Sox spend, but the reality is they don’t have much more to do so. Last year they gave Sale 150 million, extended Bogarts for another 130, gave Eovaldi an undeserving contract of nearly 70 million and the list goes on. They have the highest payroll in baseball, and just missed the playoffs in extremely disappointing fashion following an historic 2018 season. It seems the team is going to move on from Betts before they lose him to free agency for nada, and the first sign was taking him off next years season tickets already. Although it is unfortunate they wont retain him, they can acquire a great package by trading him this offseason. The potential problem they can run into is that the teams interested in trading are going to want Mookie to agree to an extension before the deal is done. At this point the potential trade suiters are as follows…

Chicago White Sox

A likely deal would be for the Red Sox to ship Mr. Betts to the windy city. It would not be the first time the two sox were able to agree to a blockbuster deal(Chris Sale), except this time the White Sox would get the top prize. They would probably have to send off a few big prospects such as Andrew Vaughn(#3 prospect), Dane Dunning(#5 prospect), and a major league player that can benefit the team right now. Another advantage the White Sox have is they are lookin to spend big after missing on the Harper/Machado sweepstakes last year, and it seems Mookie’s contract may be in that ballpark.

San Diego Padres

After winning the battle for Machado the Padres took their new and improved roster and finished an abysmal 70-92 finishing last in the NL West. Their GM A.J Preller came out to the media and stated the obvious of how bad they were, and that they intend to spend whatever it takes this offseason to get to the playoffs next year. A simple solution for them would be to pair Betts and Machado with the young wave of talent they have coming up, and its possible. With a deep farm they can offer a great package of possibly Taylor Trammel(#2 prospect), Adam Morejon(#7 prospect), and Hunter Renfroe so Boston can fill the hole in right.

The Los Angelas Dodgers

After 3 years of regular season dominance, the Dodgers simply cannot get over the hump. Its been made clear that they will be busy this offseason, already inserting their name into trade talks with Lindor and free agents such as Rendon. This trade would undoubtedly give LA the best outfield in baseball with two MVP candidates, and AJ Pollock who should be healthy next year. The scary part is the Dodgers can defiantly pull this off by trading Keibert Ruiz(#3 prospect), Tony Gonsolin(#6 prospect), and Joc Pederson would be expendable.

Lets see what Bloom does.

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