JESUS IS KING – Album Review

ZP’s Review – Finally after several false drop dates, Yandhi ringtones being made available, and tons of controversial media headlines, Kanye West has delivered his 9th studio album JESUS IS KING. Going in the consensus was the foundation of the album would be gospel based, with elements of trap and traditional Kanye’s sped up sample style worked in. Kanye once again has stuck to the recent G.O.O.D Music trend of putting out smaller albums, as this one is only 27 minutes over the span of eleven tracks. The project is filled with Kanye’s perception of bible scriptures, and for the most part his goal is for the listener to be introspective of themselves. The production throughout was nothing short of stunning at some points lifting the hairs on my arms. The features vary from a chilling vocal performance of hallelujah by Ant Clemons on “Selah” to the back and forth punchlines by Clipse on “Use this Gospel”. Of course Kanye had to add a little humor as he always does on the song, “Closed on Sunday” referring to the popular food chain Chick Fil-A. It is truly remarkable how he was able to make a modernized gospel album enjoyable with the main subjects being his faith and the big man upstairs. Yet again Ye has proved that he simply does not put out anything less than amazing, and I firmly believe it will be regarded as one of the best albums of the year. This is a well deserved high 8 out of 10, praise Yeezus.

Fav Track: “Use this Gospel” (duh)

Joe’s Review – The day is October 25th and we have FINALLY gotten the long awaited JESUS IS KING album from Kanye West. With all the hype the album has brought upon itself with multiple release dates being pushed back, the question we must ask is: does it live up to the hype? I would say yes and no. Upon first listen it was really great to hear some Kanye production in a year where a lot of the biggest names in rap have yet to drop. (J.cole, Drake, Kendrick, etc) Kanye brings his Sunday service to us across an eleven song track list with some features from Clipse, Ty Dolla $ign, and others that I think did a good job of keeping the album from having much filler. Although the album is enjoyable from a music stand point, I am finding it hard to connect to this album due to its subject matter. Kanye set the bar lower than the usual standards of a Kanye album by making the narrative of “Jesus is King” the forefront of this project.  I’m having a difficult time relating or even really believing this newfound love for Christianity, but the music is damn good. I’m going to go ahead and give this one an 8/10 upon first listen. 

Fav Track: “Use this Gospel”(SHOUTOUT PUSHA)

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