The Met’s Made A Mets Move and Let Girardi Slip

In the midst of this entertaining postseason several teams who are not partaking in October baseball have focused on signing new skippers to man their teams for next season. So far we have seen Joe Maddon return to LA, and fan favorite ex-catcher David Ross take over in the Windy City for the Cubbies. The past week or so the spotlight has shined even brighter on ex-manager turned analyst Joe Girardi, who has been advertised as one of the prime managerial candidates this year. Girardi’s resume speaks for itself, having a career record of 988 wins and 794 losses, making the postseason six times in his ten year tenure with the Bronx Bombers, and of course winning the World Series with them in 2009. He was often heckled for having the binder out all the time, but in reality he is somewhat of an old school manager who was one of the first to start adapting to the analytical wave baseball has been hit with in the last decade. Nonetheless, when the Cubs and Angels filled their skipper hole it was clear Girardi was either going to sign with the Phillies or the Mets fairly soon. Mets fans have been vocally passionate about acquiring Girardi to lead their young core next year to better results, but in typical Mets fashion this morning they allowed their division rivals to swoop in and sign him first. Their argument has been that they weren’t hell bent on getting Joe since they have glaring interest in other candidates such as Carlos Beltran. Truth of the matter is the inexplicit message the Mets have gave the media is that they want a puppet man to lead their team like Micky was, and Joe Girardi has never been that. Obviously this has frustrated most of the fan base, as the NL East gets even stronger with the Phillies having a veteran manager, and it seems as if the Mets are just standing here allowing it to happen. Some have argued getting a rookie manager is not a bad idea, as Alex Cora won a championship in his first year with the Sox, and Aaron Boone has had back to back 100 win campaigns. Let’s be real though with a young group like the Metropolitans have the best choice would to bring in a guy with postseason experience, who has already proved they are capable. Ultimately it seems the Mets are setting the fans up once again for disappointment, and the offseason hasn’t even started yet.

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