MLB Covid Testing Raises Red Flags As the Season Approaches

Just days ago MLB fans around the world rejoiced at the release of all team’s 60 game schedules that are set to begin in less than three weeks. While a breath of good news was much welcomed by the people who follow the sport, concerning news surrounding Covid testing surfaced the same day. Its hard to compare a league such as the MLB to one such as the NBA considering they have nearly triple the amount of personal per organization, but in terms of preparedness the MLB has shown they are well behind. Prior to players returning to camp the league performed slightly over three thousand test on all players and staff, which surprisingly resulted in only 38 positive Covid test. While this was a “positive result”, no pun intended, players and staff would still have to endure daily testing to ensure the safety of everyone playing. Some players have flat out said they wouldn’t feel safe playing in this environment, and that they rather stay home with their families. We have already seen guys like David Price and Felix Hernandez say they will return in 2021, and with still three weeks to go before the season more are expected to dropout. During the quarantine there were several outbreaks in spring training facilities such as the Phillies and Braves, which is something that simply cant happen if a full season wants to be played. Teams are beginning to practice and play exhibitions but already a looming concern seems to be in some players minds. Take former MVP Kris Bryants answer for starters…

If the league wants to safely make this season work they have to be thorough and efficient with their testing just like the NBA has been, especially since they are going to be traveling from city to city. NBA players are tested multiple times a day, where as here you see a top player like Kris Bryant can go days without being tested. This is a very concerning sign considering the season and team travel hasn’t even begun yet. Last week we saw teams were cancelling practices and in house exhibitions because either testers did not show up, or results weren’t given in time for players to feel safe and play. The MLB doesn’t have a-lot of time to get their shit together, so as of right now the lackluster testing is a real problem that could lead to a season delay.

Published by Fran Cava



  1. Perhaps millionaires like major league baseball players with the finest doctors and finest Health Care available play the guinea pigs in this great experiment perhaps is worth it I would feel much differently for little kids playing Little League baseball or basketball my son included something to think about. Overall as a fan of Major League Baseball and of sports in general I’m glad to see it back in some capacity although I still believe for the sake of others who may be affected we must always be careful to choose vigilance over pleasure.


  2. Yes as with all aspects of trying to deal with this new virus sports will be no exception. Sports is where society is with the different “phases ” , how much , how quick, etc.. baseball is trying to open their business and it’s going to be a trail by error approach because it’s never been done before. Will it work ? My guess is yes but will have a lot of kinks along the way. It’s all going to depend on the virus. If the virus gets rampant again sports will be the first to go.


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