The MLB Nonchalantly Added a Universal DH

October 27th may not seem like a date of dire significance, but after today it takes on a complete new meaning. That day was game 5 of the 2019 World Series, but more importantly it was the last time a pitcher will ever get in the box and take a swing. The MLB seems to operate in silence both with publicity and rule changes, so it went under the radar of many when they decided yesterday to universalize the DH position. The current feud between Manfred and the players association has caused the parties to brainstorm ideas of how teams can play so many games in a short amount of time. With the likelihood of teams playing at least 6 games a week starters need to be prepared to make multiple starts a week. To try and alleviate the workload of pitchers the league felt it would be good to add in the DH for this shortened season. Considering each team will also have expanded rosters it allows managers to be creative and rotate players to get more at bats out of the position. The players union though fought for the rule to be implemented into next season as well, which the MLB has said to agree to. The last decade has really brought attention to the fact that pitchers should just simply not hit. Yes, you have your Bumgarner and your Greinke that can swing the bat decently but most of the time these guys flat out just suck. It’s not their fault I mean, most of the guys haven’t swung a bat since high school or a even a few times in the minors. Every year with each pathetic swing from a pitcher that leaves men on base we hear, “JUST MAKE THE NL HAVE A DH”! I have definitely been in this boat, but what needs to be understood is that it’s a pretty big rule change and those usually occur during CBA agreements. Fast forward to the end of the 2021 season the MLB needs to agree on a new CBA, which was the target date for the position to be implemented. So with the next 2 seasons having the DH for both leagues, and then the new CBA in 21’ making “official official”, we have seen the last of the pathetic pitcher at-bats. October 27th was the last time a pitcher will be forced against their will to stand in the box. While we will miss the great joy that comes with a pitcher hitting a home run like this perhaps…

You won’t miss the agony of seeing your team strand guys on base because the pitcher couldn’t bring them home.

Published by Fran Cava



  1. It was inevitable and I’m surprised that it took this long for the DH to become universal especially since it works for both the players , creates more jobs, and owners, creates more offense. Kudos to you for breaking this news to me. Like you said they did this very low key. I would have liked the national league to stay away from the DH as a traditionalist, but you cant stop progress


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