Danny Brown uknowwhatimsayin¿ Album Review

This past Thursday Detroic MC Danny Brown released his fifth studio album titled uknowwhatimsayin¿. In the past I simply just could not get into his music, despite it having high critical acclaim. For this album i went in with an open mind hoping to finally connect with his music and hear the genius everyone else seems to hear, and I did. Danny on this album was colorful and funky just like the album cover, and quite frankly his voice which has been my biggest knock of his was tolerable. The whole album was executively produced by the legendary Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip, which being a fan of tribe explains why I love most of the beats on the project. There was also contributions to the production by JPEGMAFIA and Paul White, who happened to produced my favorite song from the album. Some songs beats and quirks seem to be inspired from old video games, while others are made to sound like 90’s hip-hop in a modern setting. The singles on the project were extremely strong with a hard hitting feature from Run The Jewels on “3 Tearz”. The song Dirty laundry was the first single, which had a mesmerizing beat, over lyrics speaking on Danny’s sexual endeavors in his life. The album starts with Change Up, a song that sets the tone for great production to follow beginning with a few guitar chords, that lead into a futuristic soothing beat while Danny raps about his struggles. Many of the songs had encapsulating beats and on most Danny spoke about topics of childhood, the struggles he has endured, and his experiences in the street life. My favorite track has to be Belly of the Beast, which features a very Tribe- esque beat with sounds of afro-fusion mixed into it. The feature from Obongjayer(thats actually his name) is incredible adding a sort of monstrous effect to the song, hence the name Belly of the Beast. Other than that the track list was extremely tight spanning only 34 minutes over 11 tracks. The album closed with the track Combat that had Danny rap along with his executive producer on violence in the streets and the drug traffic. God I love short albums, definitely give it a listen.

If i had rate it I’d give it a… 8 if you know what I’m saying

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