HIGHEST IN THE ROOM Hinting at New Album?

Last night Travis Scott released his long awaited single HIGHEST IN THE ROOM. We first got a snippet of this a few months back when it debuted as the cover song for one of Kylie’s new cosmetic products in the background of the commercial. Since then many fans have been salivating over its release, and earlier in the week Travis made it official that October 4th would be the release. The song was accompanied by a strange but encapsulating video that saw Travis in a futuristic setting, at some points as a robot or having a bunch of hooks in his mouth possibly alluding to Patrick from that Spongebob episode. It was CGI heavy but at a whole it was pretty entertaining. The beat could have very well fit into Astroworld, with its eerie noises and haunting background. Overall the song is extremely catchy, with an enticing hook, looming synthesizers, and entertaining adlibs from Trav and Thug. The outro of the song is soothing and gives off a sense like you are floating into an abyss, giving off a lot of Rodeo vibes. In the song he hints at why him and now ex Kylie Jenner have had problems, while simultaneously saying that she fills his mind with both intellectual and sexual desires. The big news/rumors that have been arising from this song has been that it can possibly be the lead single to his upcoming album. The only news we have confirmed of a new album was from Travis the other day in a video where he said he has been working on it. Many believe the split between him and Kylie is a possible PR stunt in order to create a buzz for his new album, especially with this song talking about their problems just releasing but its mostly just speculation with no hard facts. If this is in fact a single to his new album it could be like Butterfly Effect which was released way in advance of Astroworld, so I would not expect anything major soon. he did just release an album in 2018, so a more accurate release time for his next project would definitely be 2020, but well just have to wait and see.

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