Revenge Tour Complete – Dodgers Take the First Championship of the Decade

Published by Fran Cava

It took 8 straight division titles, 4 National League Championship Appearances, and 2 World Series losses, but the Dodgers have finally done it. Their first championship in 32 years comes in what’s been an unprecedented time. Besides all the shit that’s going on in the world and here in the States, it’s a pretty crazy point in baseball history as well. With the Astros’ scandal just unfolding this past offseason, baseball has once again rose to the forefront of sports media with a negative light shed on it. It could be said the Dodgers were affected the most from the cheating, having lost in 2017 which was prime time trash can banging for the douchebags in Houston. The Dodgers evidently set out this year on a revenge tour, and today they finished it. They beat a battered Brewers team, the young and electric Padres, and the soon to be announced NL MVP Freddie Freeman led Braves.

Although a Dodgers-Astros World Series would have been great, the Tampa Bay Rays were entertaining as hell. They may have relied a bit too much on analytics in Game 6 which bit them in the ass, but nonetheless the Kevin Cash system worked. Randy Arozarena literally had the best postseason a player has ever had. The guy put up double-digit bombs in the postseason alone. Their bullpen was being called an all time pen – having guys like Anderson, Fairbanks and Castillo. Their rotation has 3 border line aces, and their defense was putting on a clinic this entire year. The Dodgers clearly did not have an easy opponent. Game 4 is already being called an instant classic. The Dodgers could have crumbled after a tough loss like that but they persevered, and won the next two games comfortably behind great pitching.

Clayton Kershaw finally flipped the narrative of being a choker, winning two huge games in dominant fashion. Walker Buehler is going to go down as an all-time great playoff performer, the kid is a machine in October. Corey Seager the World Series MVP was the standout hitter for LA the entire postseason, raking .400 with 2 bombs in the fall classic. For all the shit Dave Roberts gets he managed a hell of a series, and backed up his word that they’d win it this year.

The craziest thing of it all is that this was only Mookie’s first year. The rotation will be better next year with the return of David Price. Their entire lineup is returning, and they’ll probably make an offseason acquisition for the pen or a backend of the rotation arm. The team as usual is going to be scary, and I think are in prime form for a repeat campaign.

Side Note – Manfred looked frazzled tonight, could have been the positive Turner case or maybe he can’t take the heat anymore. The boo’s were loud and clear



  1. Another seasons gone by and the preordained Yankees are playing golf , I’m sure there is a course open somewhere . The other team in the league with this unfulfilled crown were the LA Dodgers, the New York of old team with its roots from Brooklyn. Well congrats, I would have rather it be my team or even those pesky Tampa Bay Rays For beating us but what’s deserved is what’s right. I give kudos to Mookie, a move the Bosox will long regret.

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  2. Yes dank , I was casually rooting for the Dodgers simply because of there storied ny bklyn history. They still have the same uniforms ! But now I’m as excited as opening day for the winter meetings, hot stove , offseasen. Stuff now that steve Cohen has officially become the mets owner!! OH YEAH!!!

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