DaBaby “BLAME IT ON BABY” Album Review

In a week that saw several rappers drop new projects, North Carolina native rapper DaBaby headlined the new mainstream releases with his album titled “BLAME IT ON BABY”. If were talking about rises to the mainstream, not many have duplicated the climb that DaBaby has accomplished in the past year. Since 2016 he’s been releasing albums but found no traction in the game until his monstrous 2019 where he has become a household name, thanks to a bunch of top charting songs and several very good features. The song that really made his career take off was “Suge”, which was the lead single off his first project last year and his first song to ever chart on the Billboard Hot 100. In incredible fashion he had 21 more songs that year enter the top 100, making him the best charting artist of the year. He had collaborations with other huge names for hit songs such as Post Malone, Dreamville, and Lil Nas X. Coming into 2020 DaBaby had a lot of things going for him, but still he needed a complete album to cement him as not just a rapper capable of making radio hits. To this point he’s rode his funny infectious personality, fast flow, and catchy hooks to where he is but the consensus has been he may not be able to stray from his formulaic style. Like many rappers today he tends to make songs that sound very similar, but if they are really catchy you can go without realizing that. On this album its clear DaBaby has heard the chatter from fans and media that his style seems too one-dimensional as he truly tried to change it up. Unfortunately, he should have just stuck with the style that blew him up, because this album is barely listenable. Going into a DaBaby album nobody is looking for good lyrics, but seriously at times it seems like a child wrote his verses. The flows and message on every song are almost identical, and the adlibs are super over the top. I respect the fact he tied to incorporate more singing into this project to try to offer some alternative sound, but his sing skills are in some definite need of help.The features are extremely forgettable, besides Roddy Rich on the song “ROCKSTAR” which by default may be the best song on the project. The production is very lackluster as well, with no beat truly standing out from the bunch. This record really seemed like DaBay was just riding his name, as the effort is just not there, and neither is the energy that made people like him in the first place. Save your time and listen to something else.

Best Song : ROCKSTAR (feat, Roddy Ricch)

Score : 1 outta 10 (not kidding it’s bad)

Published by Fran Cava


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