Kevin Love Possible Trade Destinations

Since LeBron left the Cavaliers 2 seasons ago, they have had a rough go of it. The 2016 championship seems so long ago when looking at what the roster has become. Still a couple of guys remain from that era like Tristan Thompson and “big three member”, Kevin Love. The Cavs to start this year are god awful and Love has officially requested a trade, preferably wanting to be dealt to his home state in Portland, Oregon. There is no guarantee he will be traded there though, so we are going to discuss a couple of other destinations where Kevin Love could be on the move to in the coming weeks.

Indian Pacers

The Pacers without Victor Oladipo have looked fantastic, which means upon his return they can be a very deadly team. With there success though some weaknesses have shown especially in the pairing of Sabonis and Turner. The two just cannot play off each other, and it is said Turner has been put into trade talks. If they can match the money up Indiana can make a package of Turner and picks, which is a nice return for a young Cleveland team.

Phoenix Suns

Under the helm of Monty Williams the Suns have improved drastically this season. It also helps they got Rubio and Baynes, and now it seems they can potentially be an 8th seed caliber team. To ensure there chances of making the playoffs the Suns can acquire Love to plate next to Ayton which would honestly be a great fit. The suns have young assets to deal plus some solid contracts, and a scenario with an all star stretch 4 next to Ayton sounds very intriguing.

Where do you think Love goes?

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