Former Racist Josh Hader Could Be Traded

Out of nowhere the Brewers dropped a news bomb last night when they said that their star racist would be available via trade. This is major news around the league considering the dominance Hader has provided in his 2 years of service time thus far. The man has already accomplished so much in his two full seasons that would make a fan want to kill a GM for trading him. Already Hader has won the Trevor Hoffman award twice, finished 7th in the Cy Young voting, and has 281 punch outs over his last 150 innings. He is simply electric when he steps on the mound, so why does the Brew Crew want to deal him? Well the main reason as to why Hader could be dealt is the fact that he qualifies for being a player of “special accomplishment”, which wild cause his first arbitration salary to start high. This qualification would allow Josh to get paid as well as any other reliever in the league which has startled Milwaukee to say the least. One con to Hader’s reign of lights out stuff is that he has been overused for sure. He has the second most innings logged for relievers over the past two seasons, and with a huge salary jump and probable decline of production incoming this would be the most effective time to move him. Even with a decline Hader is bound to be dealt for a big package, especially with 4 years of control left. As of right now the only team linked to him is the Mets, and rather comically it’s due to teams already thinking of Brodie as a guy to make rash trades including big prospects. For the Mets to get Hader they would need to trade Dom Smith/JD Davis plus two big prospects like Gimenez, and Vientos maybe. I saw one deal that had McNeil as the headliner, and I almost threw up in my mouth a little. Would I be surprised if I saw he was in the deal, absolutely not but that’s because I for one have accepted how incompetent the organization is to this point. Anyways any team to get Hader may have to overpay, and you see what overpaying for a reliever coming off a superb year is like(cough Edwin Diaz). Like any trade this is early, and quite possibly the Brewers can change their mind and take him off the market. The next few days will be telling of Joshes fate in cheese land.

Published by Fran Cava



  1. Hader would be a great pickup for the mets the bullpen is their greatest weakness and he will be controllable for a few years . If they can get him for j.d Davis or dom Smith and a prospect I’m all for it. As much as I love both j.d and dom smith they are both players without positions on the mets . Good to warm up by the hot stove in this cold weather!! Lol.

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    1. I know JD should be expendable but his bat does really help the Mets despite not having a clear position. I’d much rather give up Dom and a big prospect, just to keep JD on the bench at least.


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