Is Rendon Returning To The Lone Star State?

Listen the AL West is a tough division. You have the juggernaut cheaters at the top, with a near 100 win Oakland Wild Card team in second. The Rangers this season struggled to get production from their bats, and as for pitching they only survived because of the two great starters who led their rotation in Mike Minor and Lance Lynn. Their lineup looks solid on paper but many guys underperformed and it showed in their WAR stats, some posting negative win shares which is simply atrocious. With their best player Joey Gallo missing most of the year their lineup lacked a real threat, and it it showed management that they absolutely need to sign a star bat to pair with their young star. With a lot of money to spend and third base being open, who better to sign than the Wizard especially since he is from Texas! Rendon proved this year despite not winning the MVP award that he is amongst the best hitters in the league and that he most certainly can be the focus of a lineup. Imagine a lineup that looks like this…

1. Andrus

2. Mazara

3. Rendon

4. Gallo

5. Choo

6. Calhoun

Yada, yada , yada it’s deep and is filled with power

They already went out and got a decent arm piece in Kyle Gibson which will help their extremely thin rotation, so now they should put all their attention and effort into getting a star bat to help this young lineup. They have a ton of mula to spend so why not throw 7 years $240 million at him. The guy will get you 40 doubles a year with around 30 bombs, with slash numbers amongst the top in all the league. I’d rather spend on him than an ace for 300 million, but hey that’s just me.

Published by Fran Cava



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